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Another Nail in the Coffin of Evolution?

Posted on April 27, 2016 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)


Another Nail in the Coffin of Evolution?

Posted by Dr. Derek P. Blake on April 27, 2016 at 7:08am


The supporters of evolution have for one-hundred and fifty years, been searching for transitional life-forms, those animals that show a transition from one specie to another. The holy grail of transitional evolution has long stood on the fossils of what is called Mammal-like Reptiles. ICR describe them thus:


The "mammal-like" reptiles were a highly varied, widely distributed group of reptiles that had a number of characteristics that are found in mammals. Assuming evolution to be a fact and that mammals must have arisen from reptiles, evolutionists thus quite logically assume that the presence of these mammal-like characteristics provide support for the theory that mammals arose from one or more groups of creatures within these mammal-like reptiles.


Now it seems that an article in Science Daily details a discovery that has pulled the proverbial table-cloth from under the tea-set of evolution. This discovery reports fossil evidence that mammal-like reptiles lived "30 million years later" than originally thought, and existed alongside true mammals. I'm sorry my evolutionary friends but you cannot have your cake and eat it, these animals were obviously a kind that became extinct and did not evolve into the mammals that they lived alongside.

Atheists Furious Over New Movie that Debunks Evolution

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A new documentary that debunks evolution became available this week and it has atheists furious. Evolution vs. God became available July 9 on the Internet and has since seen thousands of by Browse to Save" href="" mce_href="" rel="nofollow">downloads.

"We had no idea that there would be a response like this, but it shows that this is an issue of great concern to a lot of people," said Ray Comfort, best-selling author, TV co-host and producer of the movie.

"It was Sir Isaac Newton who said that atheism 'is so senseless.' How could anyone believe that nothing created everything? That's scientifically impossible."

Comfort maintains Evolution vs. God seeks to show a Creator is behind everything.

"I ask university students and scientists from UCLA and USC if they think things are intelligently designed," said Comfort.

"None of them do. So I ask them to make me a rose 'from nothing.' They flounder like a gasping fish on an African mudflat. They don't know where to start.

"It's wonderful to finally see these people who think they are so smart confronted with common sense. This movie puts a powerful weapon into our hands in the battle against senselessness."

Dave Muscato, Public Relations Director American Atheists, Inc., said,

"Oh, Ray. I am so disappointed in you."  He went on to say, "Ask experts to define evolution, and then USE that definition from then on. The modern definition of evolution is not the same one used 150 years ago; science has progressed during that time!…Funny - the def. of evolution has itself 'evolved' to fit with the lack of evidence!

"He refuses to acknowledge that simple adaptation fits great with the creation model, but that what Darwin proposed requires one 'kind' of creature changing to another 'kind' - something for which there is absolutely no evidence… Faith is firm or unwavering belief in a claim despite a lack of evidence or despite evidence to the contrary.

"Confidence is trust in the veracity of a claim only to the degree to which it is supported with evidence. We do NOT have 'faith' that evolution is true. We have confidence, because we have evidence… We are not 'related to' primates; we ARE primates."

David L.  "He is a Christian fundamentalist extremist who will tell any lie to further his cause. He is scum. A vile [w]retch of a human being…. He is a coward."

Ludwig R. "The human race is doomed with people like Comfort walking around."

Comfort says he understands why atheists are so angry.

"They cling to faith in evolution because it's their beloved doorway into unending and exciting pleasures in this sad and sometimes boring world," said Comfort.

"If there's no God and everything happened through a random process of evolution over millions of years, then fornication isn't morally wrong. It's fine - it's simply an animal instinct to procreate our species. It gives the green light to pornography, homosexuality, adultery, and anything else that society thinks is morally okay.

"This movie is more than a wet blanket; it's a by Browse to Save" href="" mce_href="" rel="nofollow">Niagara Falls. It's the ultimate party pooper because it uniquely exposes - using the words of evolutionary scientists at prestigious universities the lunacy of Darwinian evolution."


This article courtesy of Christian News Service

- See more at: Created by dr.derek.p.blake on 15/07/2013 13:42

Complexity by Subtraction ???

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According to Science Daily (link below) scientists have come up with an answer to the idea of "irreducible complexity." The article states:

'Instead of starting from simpler precursors and becoming more intricate, say authors Dan McShea and Wim Hordijk, some structures could have evolved from complex beginnings that gradually grew simpler -- an idea they dub "complexity by subtraction." Computer models and trends in skull evolution back them up, the researchers show in a study published this week in the journal Evolutionary Biology.'

That's such a clever observation - you start with complexity! So where did the original complexity come from? Creationists are way ahead here - we have always believed that things started complex!

A Finite Universe After All

Posted on December 5, 2012 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

New Scientist this week (4th December 2012) is running a cover story entitled ‘Before the Bib Bang’ which is maintaining that it has now been proved that the universe is finite, that it had a beginning and possibly an end, the article commences:

“AS BIG questions go, it's hard to beat. Has the universe existed forever? Over the years, some of the greatest minds in physics have argued that no matter how far back in time you go, the universe has always been here. Others have argued that the opposite must be true - something must have happened to bring the cosmos into existence. With both sides claiming that observations support their view, until recently an answer seemed as distant as ever.

However, earlier this year, cosmologists Alex Vilenkin and Audrey Mithani claimed to have settled the debate. They have uncovered reasons why the universe cannot have existed forever. Yet what nature grudgingly gives with one hand, it takes back with the other - even though the universe has a beginning, its origins may be lost in the mists of time.”

So it’s back to the problem of how to explain the start of the universe without involving God, Good luck with that one.

Main article via 'Time Before Time - the Big Bang' link at the bottom of the Homepage


NEW - Resource & Download Page

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Check out our new Resource & Downloads by following the green buttons, something for everyone who is interested in the cause of creation science. at:

Blood in 45-Million year old Mosquitoes

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Hereis an interesting article on ancient fossilised mosquitoes that stillhave blood in their small bodies.  A new breed of mosquito hasrecently been found, but interestingly the article describes other ofthe specie that have been discovered with blood.

Read more at:

It seems incredulous to me that blood cansurvive for up to 45 million years, don't we have to keep bloodrefrigerated and use it within a certain time before it deterioratesand makes it useless for transfusions?  I asked this question ofa medical expert who told me, "Whole blood and red cells canbe stored for up to 21 – 42 days depending on theanticoagulant-preservative used. On the other hand, platelets onlylast from 3-5 days and fresh frozen plasma can be kept for 12months."  so how much further does blood deteriorate in45 million of those years.  Well maybe the fossil is not as oldas they say, just a thought.


Volcano Date Was 3,000% Wrong, Really!

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So much for scientific dating systems. Volcanoes near the south end of California’s Salton Sea last erupted less than 940 years ago, not 30,000 years ago, as previous dating has maintained.

Live Science reported the correction about theSalton Buttes

The buttes last erupted between 940 and0 B.C., not 30,000 years ago, as previously thought, a new study detailed online Oct. 15 in the journal Geology reports. The new age — which makes these some of California’s youngest volcanoes — pushes the volcanic quintuplets into active status. The California Volcano Observatory, launched in February by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), already lists the area as a high threat for future blasts.

New helium-zircon dating technique was used to arrive at the new date.  Scientists really should have known that the cones were young.  Native Americans worked the obsidian from the volcanoes between the fifth and sixth centuries BC, but probably not before that, because it wasn’t available before the last eruptions.

Ref November 1, 2012 in Dating Methods, Geology


Another Feathered Dinosaur

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The Telegraph Newspaper (UK - October 26th, 2012) isreporting the discovery of the first fossils of feathered dinosaurs in North America.  The report comes complete artist's impression and many assumptions.  Read the report at:

TheTelegraph says:

" The 75-million-year-old fossil specimens, uncovered in the badlands of Alberta, Canada, include remains of a juvenile and two adult ostrich-like creaturesknown as ornithomimids."

This might actually be a clue to the real origin of the fossil, not actually a dinosaur but a bird, a relative of the ostrich.

CreationEvolution Headlines website has a great article on this find and cuts throug hthe media hype, read the article at:



More Biased Interpretations on Turtle Bones

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Science Daily October 29th, 2012 reports the unearthing of 1800 turtle bones in China, even the fact that the boneswere in sedimentary stone, and China has a strong 'Flood' tradition, palaeontologistsmanaged to come up with an alternative explanation.

Extract from article below

Huge Depositof Jurassic Turtle Remains Found in China

ScienceDaily (Oct. 29, 2012) — “Bones upon bones, we couldn’tbelieve our eyes,” says Oliver Wings, paleontologist and guest researcher atthe Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. He was describing thespectacular find of some 1800 fossilized mesa chelonia turtles from theJurassic era in China’s northwest province of Xinjiang. Wings and the University of Tübingen’s fossil turtlespecialist, Dr. Walter Joyce, were working with Chinese paleontologists there in2008.

Theresults of their further work in 2009 and 2011 have just been published in theGerman journal Naturwissenschaften.

“This site hasprobably more than doubled the known number of individual turtles from theJurassic,” says Walter Joyce. “Some of the shells were stacked up on top of oneanother in the rock.” It is what paleontologists call a “bone bed” – in thiscase consisting only of turtle remains.

Wings, Joyce and their team have made several expeditions to the arid regionsince 2007, finding fossil sharks, crocodiles, mammals and several dinosaurskeletons. Today one of the world’s driest regions, 160 million years agoXinjiang was a green place of lakes and rivers, bursting with life. Yet thescientists have shown that even then, conditions were not always ideal, withclimate change leading to seasonal drought – and this remarkable fossil find.

The turtles had gathered in one of the remaining waterholes during a very dryperiod, awaiting rain. Today’s turtles in Australia for instance do thesame thing. But for the Xinjiang turtles, the rain came too late. Many of theturtles were already dead and their bodies rotting. When the water arrived, itcame with a vengeance: a river of mud, washing the turtles and sediments alongwith it and dumping them in one place, as the paleontologists read the site andits layers of stone.

Could the explanation simply be that they were caught in Noah's flood?


Big Bang and religion mixed in Cern Conference

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Some of Europe's most prominent scientists have opened a debate with philosophers and theologians over the origins of everything. The event, in Geneva, Switzerland, is described as a search for "common ground" between religion and science over how the Universe began.

The conference was called by Cern, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in the wake of its Higgs boson discovery

He added that he hoped, by the end of the conference, that delegates from very different backgrounds would be able to "start to discuss the origin of our Universe".

Co-organiser Canon Dr Gary Wilton, the Archbishop of Canterbury's representative in Brussels, said that the Higgs particle "raised lots of questions [about the origins of the Universe] that scientists alone can't answer".

More at: