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More Biased Interpretations on Turtle Bones

Posted on November 2, 2012 at 1:35 PM

Science Daily October 29th, 2012 reports the unearthing of 1800 turtle bones in China, even the fact that the boneswere in sedimentary stone, and China has a strong 'Flood' tradition, palaeontologistsmanaged to come up with an alternative explanation.

Extract from article below

Huge Depositof Jurassic Turtle Remains Found in China

ScienceDaily (Oct. 29, 2012) — “Bones upon bones, we couldn’tbelieve our eyes,” says Oliver Wings, paleontologist and guest researcher atthe Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. He was describing thespectacular find of some 1800 fossilized mesa chelonia turtles from theJurassic era in China’s northwest province of Xinjiang. Wings and the University of Tübingen’s fossil turtlespecialist, Dr. Walter Joyce, were working with Chinese paleontologists there in2008.

Theresults of their further work in 2009 and 2011 have just been published in theGerman journal Naturwissenschaften.

“This site hasprobably more than doubled the known number of individual turtles from theJurassic,” says Walter Joyce. “Some of the shells were stacked up on top of oneanother in the rock.” It is what paleontologists call a “bone bed” – in thiscase consisting only of turtle remains.

Wings, Joyce and their team have made several expeditions to the arid regionsince 2007, finding fossil sharks, crocodiles, mammals and several dinosaurskeletons. Today one of the world’s driest regions, 160 million years agoXinjiang was a green place of lakes and rivers, bursting with life. Yet thescientists have shown that even then, conditions were not always ideal, withclimate change leading to seasonal drought – and this remarkable fossil find.

The turtles had gathered in one of the remaining waterholes during a very dryperiod, awaiting rain. Today’s turtles in Australia for instance do thesame thing. But for the Xinjiang turtles, the rain came too late. Many of theturtles were already dead and their bodies rotting. When the water arrived, itcame with a vengeance: a river of mud, washing the turtles and sediments alongwith it and dumping them in one place, as the paleontologists read the site andits layers of stone.

Could the explanation simply be that they were caught in Noah's flood?


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