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Another Feathered Dinosaur

Posted on November 2, 2012 at 1:55 PM


The Telegraph Newspaper (UK - October 26th, 2012) isreporting the discovery of the first fossils of feathered dinosaurs in North America.  The report comes complete artist's impression and many assumptions.  Read the report at:

TheTelegraph says:

" The 75-million-year-old fossil specimens, uncovered in the badlands of Alberta, Canada, include remains of a juvenile and two adult ostrich-like creaturesknown as ornithomimids."

This might actually be a clue to the real origin of the fossil, not actually a dinosaur but a bird, a relative of the ostrich.

CreationEvolution Headlines website has a great article on this find and cuts throug hthe media hype, read the article at:



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