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Hubble spots unexpected cluster of young stars

Posted on November 12, 2012 at 7:55 AM

Last week (Nov 6th 2012) CBS news announced that the Hubble ST had photographed a cluster of seeming young stars, the article states:

The Hubble Space Telescope snapped a stunning picture of deep space that has some astronomers stumped.

The image above is of globular cluster NGC 6362. Globular clusters are clumps of old stars, some as many as 10 billion years old, making them some of the oldest observable structures in the universe. They are fairly common, NASA estimates there are 150 globular clusters in our Milky Way, and far more in other observable galaxies. The prevailing theory is that these clusters are formed by older stars of roughly the same age. But recent observations by the Hubble telescope, including NGC 6362, are turning this theory on its head.

In the image above, several bright, blue stars can be seen. These stars are far younger than their neighbors, and astronomers have taken to calling them "blue stragglers."



No sooner that this announcement hits the science community, whichwas 'stumped', than Science Daily comes up with yet another made-upsolution for the appearance of these young stars.  In this caseit is an "old" star with a cloud of gas and dustsurrounding it. They suggest that "every six seconds, formillions of years, comets have been colliding with one another"near the star, producing a constant supply of gas and dust! Stars are formed from gas and dust inside both Globular Clusters andNebulae.


My question would be, "Why do all thesecomets collide just neat this particular 'old' star, and why arethese plentiful comets not colliding all over the universe, producingnew stars?"  Like these comets, if you miss oneexplanation, another will be along soon.






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