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Blood in 45-Million year old Mosquitoes

Posted on November 22, 2012 at 8:40 AM

Hereis an interesting article on ancient fossilised mosquitoes that stillhave blood in their small bodies.  A new breed of mosquito hasrecently been found, but interestingly the article describes other ofthe specie that have been discovered with blood.

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It seems incredulous to me that blood cansurvive for up to 45 million years, don't we have to keep bloodrefrigerated and use it within a certain time before it deterioratesand makes it useless for transfusions?  I asked this question ofa medical expert who told me, "Whole blood and red cells canbe stored for up to 21 – 42 days depending on theanticoagulant-preservative used. On the other hand, platelets onlylast from 3-5 days and fresh frozen plasma can be kept for 12months."  so how much further does blood deteriorate in45 million of those years.  Well maybe the fossil is not as oldas they say, just a thought.


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