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Sodom Found?

Posted on February 22, 2013 at 12:15 AM

According to Bible History Daily, the sight of the infamous city of Sodom has almost definitely been found, exactly where the Bibledescribed it as being.  BHD tells us:

Seeking to answer the question “Where is Sodom?” and using the Biblical geography of Genesis 13 as a guide, Collins decided to excavate Tall el-Hammam, an extensive and heavily fortified site located in modern Jordan at the eastern edge of the kikkar. First inhabited during the Chalcolithic period (4600–3600 B.C.E.), the site attained its maximum size during the Middle Bronze Age (c.2000–1600 B.C.E.) and became one of the largest cities in Canaan.But unlike other Canaanite cities that continued to flourish in theLate Bronze Age (1550-1200 B.C.E.), Tall el-Hammam was destroyed by fire at the end of the Middle Bronze Age and remained uninhabited for centuries.Across Tall el-Hammam, archaeologists found widespread evidence of an intense conflagration that left the Middle Bronze Agecity in ruins. They found scorched foundations and floors buried under nearly 3 feet of dark grey ash, as well as dozens of pottery sherds covered with a frothy, “melted” surface; the glassy appearance indicates that they were briefly exposed to temperatures well in excess of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, the approximate heat of volcanic magma. Such evidence suggests the city and its environs were catastrophically destroyed in a sudden and extreme conflagration.

Was it this event—which destroyed Hammam and the other cities of the kikkar—that was remembered by the Biblical writers in their telling of the story of Sodom?

Bible History Daily 21/0/13

This is one more archaeological discovery that seems to confirm that the history of the Bible is correct, including those'fantastical' events like the cities being destroyed by God in intense fire.  If the Bible says it is true, then why do so many people doubt the existence of God, none so blind as those who willnot see.


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