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New Discovery Places Genesis as the Origin of the Flood Story

Posted on February 23, 2013 at 8:30 AM

A partial tablet has been found that pre-dates the so called Epic of Gilgamesh account, said by many to be the inspiration for the Genesis flood account.  The tablet, although in the possession of a museum since the mid-nineteenth century, its significance has only recently been acknowledged.  More accurate dating has placed the tablet from around 2200 B.C., or soon after the Flood.

"Unknown to most archaeologists, however, is an even earlier Flood tablet. It was discovered in the ancient Babylonian city of Nippur in the 1890s. The tablet was so encrusted that its value was not immediately recognized, but by 1909 Dr. Hermann Hilprecht had discerned the figures and translated the text. Given the catalogue designation CBM 13532, it dates from about 2200 B.C., or soon after the Flood itself. More importantly, while the differences between Genesis and Gilgamesh are striking, the similarities between Genesis and this tablet are obvious. There is no detail that differs from Genesis, and nothing extra is added."


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