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Atheists Furious Over New Movie that Debunks Evolution

Posted on July 15, 2013 at 1:15 PM

A new documentary that debunks evolution became available this week and it has atheists furious. Evolution vs. God became available July 9 on the Internet and has since seen thousands of by Browse to Save" href="" mce_href="" rel="nofollow">downloads.

"We had no idea that there would be a response like this, but it shows that this is an issue of great concern to a lot of people," said Ray Comfort, best-selling author, TV co-host and producer of the movie.

"It was Sir Isaac Newton who said that atheism 'is so senseless.' How could anyone believe that nothing created everything? That's scientifically impossible."

Comfort maintains Evolution vs. God seeks to show a Creator is behind everything.

"I ask university students and scientists from UCLA and USC if they think things are intelligently designed," said Comfort.

"None of them do. So I ask them to make me a rose 'from nothing.' They flounder like a gasping fish on an African mudflat. They don't know where to start.

"It's wonderful to finally see these people who think they are so smart confronted with common sense. This movie puts a powerful weapon into our hands in the battle against senselessness."

Dave Muscato, Public Relations Director American Atheists, Inc., said,

"Oh, Ray. I am so disappointed in you."  He went on to say, "Ask experts to define evolution, and then USE that definition from then on. The modern definition of evolution is not the same one used 150 years ago; science has progressed during that time!…Funny - the def. of evolution has itself 'evolved' to fit with the lack of evidence!

"He refuses to acknowledge that simple adaptation fits great with the creation model, but that what Darwin proposed requires one 'kind' of creature changing to another 'kind' - something for which there is absolutely no evidence… Faith is firm or unwavering belief in a claim despite a lack of evidence or despite evidence to the contrary.

"Confidence is trust in the veracity of a claim only to the degree to which it is supported with evidence. We do NOT have 'faith' that evolution is true. We have confidence, because we have evidence… We are not 'related to' primates; we ARE primates."

David L.  "He is a Christian fundamentalist extremist who will tell any lie to further his cause. He is scum. A vile [w]retch of a human being…. He is a coward."

Ludwig R. "The human race is doomed with people like Comfort walking around."

Comfort says he understands why atheists are so angry.

"They cling to faith in evolution because it's their beloved doorway into unending and exciting pleasures in this sad and sometimes boring world," said Comfort.

"If there's no God and everything happened through a random process of evolution over millions of years, then fornication isn't morally wrong. It's fine - it's simply an animal instinct to procreate our species. It gives the green light to pornography, homosexuality, adultery, and anything else that society thinks is morally okay.

"This movie is more than a wet blanket; it's a by Browse to Save" href="" mce_href="" rel="nofollow">Niagara Falls. It's the ultimate party pooper because it uniquely exposes - using the words of evolutionary scientists at prestigious universities the lunacy of Darwinian evolution."


This article courtesy of Christian News Service

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