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Expansion of Universe Far Exceeds Speed of Light

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 11:15 AM

I was just reading about the 'leap second' that was inserted into our time measuring systems yesterday and what could have happened in that single second. I was drawn to one paragraph which read:


"Consider that during the hypothesized period just after the Big Bang known as cosmic inflation, it's believed that the young universe experienced an almost unthinkable rate of expansion. In less than a single picosecond, the totality of existence (multiverses aside) went from the size of a proton to the size of a grapefruit. If going from something inconceivably small to citrus-sized doesn't impress you, consider that if the starting point for the same such rate of expansion was the grapefruit, that handheld universe would have expanded to the size of an object with a diameter large enough to easily cover the distance between Earth and Jupiter."

So, the article states that in two trillionths of a second the universe expanded from the size of a proton to a diameter of at least 489,000,000 [mean distance between Earth and Jupiter]. A the speed of light is around 186,000 miles per second, we can immediately see that the expansion of the universe well exceeded the speed of light. By my calculation is equal to an astounding 2629.03 trillion, times the speed of light.


This actually supports my mathematical model and is a quite astounding figure 2629.03>12th.

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