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The Ark Could have Carried 70,000 Creatures

Posted on April 3, 2014 at 10:15 AM


The UK newspaper 'The Telegraph' has a great article about the Ark that again supports the Biblical account, by the design & size of the ancient boat.

A group of master’s students from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Leicester

University studied the exact dimensions of the Ark, set out in Genesis 6:13-22.

According to The Bible, God instructed Noah to build a boat which was 300 cubits long 50

cubits wide and 30 cubits high – recommending gopher wood for the enormous lifeboat.

The students averaged out the Egyptian and Hebrew cubit measurement to come up with

48.2cm, making the Ark around 144 metres long – about 100 metres shorter than Ark Royal.

Using the dimensions, the Archimedes principal of buoyancy and approximate animal

wrights they were astonished to find out that the Ark would have floated.

Student Benjamin Jordan, 21, from Bury St Edmonds, said: “Using the dimensions of the

Ark and the density of the water, we were able to calculate its buoyancy force, which,

according to Archimedes’ principle, is equal to the weight of the volume of fluid the object


“This meant we were then able to estimate the total mass the Ark could support before the

gravitational weight would overcome the buoyancy force, causing the Ark to sink.”

Previous research has suggested that there were approximately 35,000 species of animals

which would have needed to be saved by Noah


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